Hi, my name is Michelle. I'm from the city of rain and I love tea, music, photography, and you.

July 27th jihyoo:

CNV00019 by c_sheng on Flickr.
July 27th grett:

untitled by Alexandra Marino on Flickr.
July 27th modernbuttsex:

show me how you weep and spill your heart to me.
July 26th jufroh:

Tea time by Jufroh.
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July 26th attaches:

kitchen lights are on by chairmanmau on Flickr.
July 26th
July 26th
July 26th algoll:

paris ‘12. by himmelseng on Flickr.
July 26th arquerio:

untitled by Alyssa Ioannou on Flickr.
July 26th 27horcruxes:

(by Juan Zolo)