Hi, my name is Michelle. I'm from the city of rain and I love tea, music, curse words, photography, and you.

September 2nd unterihremkissen:

untitled by spinning pieces on Flickr.
September 2nd
September 1st priveting:

winter shoes. by ataciara on Flickr.
September 1st orbitae:

CNV00027 by iamsilverfox on Flickr.
September 1st
August 31st orbitae:

untitled by worteinbildern on Flickr.
August 31st grett:

xmaslites by little lies & massive dreams on Flickr.
August 31st unshinyunhappypeople:

sans titre by Masa :-D on Flickr.
August 30th curios1ty:

I’m an easy lover by Mtcv on Flickr.
August 30th orbitae:

untitled by emilyharriet on Flickr.